A Young Person’s Guide to Transportation Jobs Part 14

A Young Person’s Guide to Transportation Jobs Part 14

10/17/2014 Umut Türker 5496 Times Read

In the section on shipping, I tried to avoid that. Here, I simply want to mention that many positions in this field require only a high school diploma or an equivalent. In other positions, you can have, as an alternative, two years full-time job experience in lieu of a bachelor or undergraduate degree (for positions requiring that) or three years full-time job experience in lieu of a trade or professional degree or certificate (for positions requiring that). These requirements can apply especially to airport ground handlers, cargo airline personnel, air cargo shippers and packers, cargo agents and freight forwarders.


However, if you do choose to have this as your long-term profession, or if you want to move up quickly through the ranks, then it is best to have more formal and specialized education. Here, I want to mention that there are specialized four-year degrees in air cargo transportation. The courses tend to focus on economics, security, management and labor. The colleges and universities that can offer such a degree can be found at DegreeDirectory.org for those in the United States, BestIndiaEdu.com for those in India, or IATA (International Air Transportation Association) for perhaps everyone.


Air cargo ground services


My purpose in these posts is to instill a dream of transportation and of business or commerce into your life, as it was in my youth at various times. Thus, I ought not to dissuade you from pursuing any such careers. Having said that, though, being involved in the transportation of freight and cargo is not always easy.

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Specific, and perhaps typical, examples are jobs offered at an airline in Canada. These jobs are for 20 to 32 hours each week (which sounds simple enough), but which require working in all types of weather conditions.