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Special Customs Invoice In addition to a commercial invoice, some countries require a special customs invoice designed to facilitate the clearance of goods and the assessment of customs duties in that country. Detay
Spot Voyage A charter for a particular vessel to move a single cargo between specified loading port(s) and discharge port(s) in the immediate future. Contract rate ("spot" rate) covers total operating expenses, i.e., bunkers, port charges, canal tolls, crew's wages a Detay
Stevedore Individual or firm that employs longshoremen and who contracts to load or unload the ship. Detay
Stowage The placing of goods in a ship in such a way as to ensure the safety and stability of the ship not only on a sea or ocean passage but also in between ports when parts of the cargo have been loaded or discharged. Detay
Surcharge An add-on charge to the applicable charges; motor carriers have a fuel surcharge, and railroads can apply a surcharge to any joint rate that does not yield 110 percent of variable cost. Detay
Tare weight The weight of the vehicle when it is empty. Detay
Tariff A document issued by a carrier setting forth applicable rules, rates, and charges for the movement of goods. The document sets up a contract of carriage between the shipper, consignee, and carrier. Detay
Tonnage Deadweight, gross, net, displacement; a quantity of cargo normally expressed as a number of tons. Detay
Ton-mile A freight transportation output measure that reflects the shipment's weight and the distance the carrier hauls it; a multiplication of tons hauled and distance traveled. Detay
Tracing Determining a shipment's location during the course of a move. Detay
Tracking A carrier's system of recording movement intervals of shipments from origins to destinations. Detay
Tramp Service Vessels operating without a fixed itinerary or schedule or charter contract. Detay
Transit time The total time that elapses between a shipment's delivery and its pickup. Detay
Transmittal Letter A letter from the shipper to its agent that lists the particulars of a shipment, the documents being transmitted, and instructions for the disposition of those documents. Detay
Transshipment The shipment of merchandise to the point of destination in another country on more than one vessel or vehicle. The liability may pass from one carrier to the next, or it may be covered by Through Bills of Lading issued by the first carrier. Detay
Valuation Charges Transportation charges to shippers who declare a value of goods higher than the value of the carriers' limits of liability. Detay
Variable cost Costs that vary directly with the level of activity within a short time. Examples include costs of moving cargo inland on trains or trucks, stevedoring in some ports, and short-term equipment leases. For business analysis, all costs are either defined as Detay
Vessel Manifest The international carrier is obligated to make declarations of the ship's crew and contents at both the port of departure and arrival. The vessel manifest lists various details about each shipment by BL number. Obviously, the BL serves as the core source Detay
Voyage Charter A contract whereby the shipowner places the vessel at the disposal of the charterer for one or more voyages, the shipowner being responsible for the operation of the vessel. Detay
Warehouse A place for the reception, delivery, consolidation, distribution, and storage of goods/cargo. Detay