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Business logistics The process of planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient, effective flow and storage of goods, services, and related information from the point of origin to the point of consumption for the purpose of conforming to customer requirements. Detay
Buyer An enterprise that arranges for the acquisition of goods or services and agrees to payment terms for such goods or services. Detay
Cabotage (1) Trade or navigation in coastal waters. (2) The exclusive right of a country to operate the air traffic within its territory. Detay
Cage (1) A secure enclosed area for storing highly valuable items, (2) a pallet-sized platform with sides that can be secured to the tines of a forklift and in which a person may ride to inventory items stored well above the warehouse floor. Detay
Cargo Merchandise carried by a means of transportation Detay
Carnet A customs document allowing special categories of goods to cross international borders without payment of duties. Detay
Carrier An enterprise engaged in the business of transporting goods. Detay
Carrier Certificate and Release Order Used to advise customs of the shipment's details. By means of this document, the carrier certifies that the firm or individual named in the certificate is the owner or consignee of the cargo. Detay
Cartage There are two definitions for this term: 1) charge for pick-up and delivery of goods 2) movement of goods locally (short distances). Detay
Cartel An association of several independent national or international business organizations that regulates competition by controlling the prices, the production, or the marketing of a product or industry. Detay
Cartment Customs form permitting in-bond cargo to be moved from one location to another under Customs control, within the same Customs district. Usually in motor carrier's possession while draying cargo. Detay
Cash Against Documents A method of payment for goods in which documents transferring title are given to the buyer upon payment of cash to an intermediary acting for the seller. Detay
Cash In Advance A method of payment for goods whereby the buyer pays the seller in advance of shipment of goods. Detay
Cash with Order A method of payment for goods where cash is paid at the time of order, and the transaction becomes binding on both buyer and seller. Detay
Certificate of Insurance A negotiable document indicating that insurance has been secured under an open policy to cover loss or damage to a shipment while in transit. Detay
Certificate of Origin A document containing an affidavit to prove the origin of imported goods. Used for customs and foreign exchange purposes. Detay
Channel of Distribution A means by which a manufacturer distributes products from the plant to the ultimate user, including warehouses, brokers, wholesalers, retailers, etc. Detay
Chargeable Weight The shipment weight used in determining freight charges. The chargeable weight may be the dimensional weight or, for container shipments, the gross weight of the shipment less the tare weight of the container. Detay
Charterer The person to whom is given the use of the whole of the carrying capacity of a ship for the transportation of cargo or passengers to a stated port for a specified time. Detay
Charter Party A contractual agreement between a ship owner and a cargo owner, usually arranged by a broker, whereby a ship is chartered (hired) either for one voyage or a period of time. Detay