A Day in the Life of a Truck Driver Pt 1 of 5

A Day in the Life of a Truck Driver Pt 1 of 5

7/15/2014 Umut Türker 2285 Times Read

When you think about it, everything that FreightArea.com is involved with is exciting and inspirational. Cargo vessels brought about the film of the true story of Captain Philipps. No one would want to have gone through those events, but it did bring to mind and highlight why people want the openness of the sea and the vastness of the night sky, among other things. Truck drivers have spawned the mid-1970s American television series Movin' On, the song Convoy and the 1978 film of the same name, the more recent American television series Ice Road Truckers, and (I believe) an Indian version of this show (although I am uncertain and cannot find any confirmation of it). I am certain that other modes of transport are equally exciting and inspirational. Perhaps this is why the people of FreightArea.com do what they do, so that they can be involved in assisting you in your equally inspirational profession.


Like cargo ship captains (and other personnel), truck drivers can enjoy the vastness of the night sky. However, somewhat unlike the former, truck drivers experience neither the openness of the land, nor the solitude of everything around them. There is a great openness to most of the roads that truck drivers experience throughout the world, but they are interspersed with truck stops and other welcoming places where they can enjoy a (relatively) good meal and to socialize with others. The destinations (as well as departures) are often in or around cities so truck drivers see the great variety of the country around them.


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Perhaps most of all, truck drivers drive. Cargo vessel captains steer, but that is not something that most people do; in fact, it is something that almost nobody does. Captains rarely see other captains on the seas, and even if they do, then they cannot wave to them and invite them to have a hamburger and beer with them. On the other hand, almost everyone over the age of 16 knows how to drive, and truck drivers enjoy doing that even more and enjoy doing it well. Moreover, they do see other truck drivers on the road, and so they have more opportunities to socialize.