A Day in the Life of a Truck Driver Pt 5 of 5

A Day in the Life of a Truck Driver Pt 5 of 5

7/19/2014 Umut Türker 1948 Times Read

Also, like a ship's captain, the truck driver may travel internationally. The people and governments of Canada and the United States get along well so there should be no cause for concern (although there could be differing regulations, which the driver will need to know). Also, in Canada, a driver will need to be even more aware of the hazards of a "snowmageddon" (mentioned above) as the winters there are more fierce than they are in the United States.


Mexico is a different story. The people are certainly nice and friendly but there are frequent news articles of heavily-armed drug cartels kidnapping and/or killing civilians or other gang members. Moreover, the Border Patrol will inspect every inch of your vehicle.


In other countries, differences and troubles are more palpable. Pakistan and India have been enemies, historically. However, the governments are attempting to improve trade relations. Indian truck drivers, though, have expressed concerns over their security in Pakistan. There have been recent killing of foreign truck drivers in the Democratic Republic of Congo, causing fear among truck drivers in the region. There undoubtedly are other problems for truck drivers in dealing with the rules, regulations, procedures and people of other countries in other parts of the world.

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If you do want to be, or are, a truck driver then you will be happy to know that you are in great demand. In the United States, there is a great shortage of truck drivers. As the economy recovers more, there will be an urgent need for the transportation of goods. In Germany, truck drivers are aging, and 40% of them will retire in the next decade. That will be an enormous number of jobs to fill, and even more so in an expanding economy.


Congratulations! You have a job that you want, and you have a job that others want you to have!