A Life of a Container Part 3 of 3

A Life of a Container Part 3 of 3

8/18/2014 Umut Türker 1991 Times Read

Regardless of how they are transported, each container is tracked, much as overnight delivery packages are tracked. FreightArea.com allows you to have up-to-date and accurate tracking of your goods on your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Sometimes, though, transport containers are not transported. They stay in one place. Architects and home and business construction workers sometimes use shipping containers. Some of them can be quite elegant and beautiful, in contrast to the purely functional and bland ones that everybody sees on trucks and trains.


There are several benefits to using containers in this way: they are:


1) Saving on building costs. Even large homes or offices are much less costly to build using containers rather than using other materials.


2) It is environmentally friendly. Containers could me melted down to form other materials and goods, but using them in buildings is more quick and efficient.


3) Strength and durability. I do not know why more buildings in places that are prone to cyclones, tornadoes and hurricanes do not use more of them. It seems to be the logical solution. 


However, there can be disadvantages as well:

1) The buildings, unlike the containers as containers, are open so inhabitants do not suffocate. However, it is still made from steel which can become very hot during summer months.


2) Similarly, they can become very humid.


3) In a way, it is a lot like your parents telling you not to pick up things because you do not know where they have been. The containers could have contained chemicals which spilled while in transit or been tossed overboard. The paints used could have been made from lead or other dangerous chemicals, or there could have been corrosion.


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4) They were built to exacting standards, but during their lives, they could have been banged up or damaged.


I hope that I have dispelled the mystery, but not the wonder, of this incredible and versatile invention.