A Young Person’s Guide to Transportation Jobs Part 7

A Young Person’s Guide to Transportation Jobs Part 7

9/29/2014 Umut Türker 2814 Times Read

The end result, though, is that in the United States, first-year drivers can earn about $40,000 for that year. Drivers in West Virginia and Mississippi are usually paid the highest. Even higher in salaries are the courier and express delivery drivers (such as those for FedEx) who can earn about $55,000 per year. One driver reported that in their third year, team dry-van drivers can earn more than double the average first year wage.


A more recent phenomenon is that of a shortage in truck drivers both in the United States and elsewhere. If you begin to type “shortage of truck drivers” at Google then Google will offer you the options of “in India”, “in Australia”, “in Canada” and other places. A report from 2006 predicted that there would be a shortage of 111,000 truck drivers in the United States by 2014. That seems to have come to fruition, according to the August 2014 news article. It has already forced companies to pay more to truck drivers in order to attract more and needed drivers.


Regardless of the income, many people are drawn to trucking because of the seeming independence, the ability to drive and travel extensively, to have everyday as being different from the day before, and other qualities. Younger drivers, though, do tend to prefer a home and family life. They can still achieve a balance by being local drivers.


A major disadvantage of being a truck driver is that, in addition to it not being a healthy profession (described above), it is also a deadly profession. The one and small profession of truck driving accounts for 12% of all work-related fatalities. In the United States, in the one year of 2009, there were 3,380 fatalities involving large trucks, or about 9 deaths each and every day.