A Young Person’s Guide to Transportation Jobs, Part 1

A Young Person’s Guide to Transportation Jobs, Part 1

9/21/2014 Umut Türker 2854 Times Read

I can see the trajectory of my life, although it may be difficult to explain it. Furthermore, my life did not quite turn out as I had planned or thought. Moreover, I never was employed in the things that I had envisioned at one time or another. However, that does not negate the importance of these professions.


As a child, I imagined myself as a doctor. This was because my mother had given me a doctor’s costume and kit for Halloween (or perhaps it was for a very early birthday or Christmas). I did not particularly care for participating in sports but I did enjoy discussing it and imagined myself as a sports announcer. I became quite adept at chess and thought that I could earn money from playing chess, if not as a profession then as a second source of income. In a similar way, my mother wanted her children to learn how to play musical instruments to have something to fall back on (assuming that we became proficient at it). For some forgotten reason, I wanted, for a few months, to be a civil engineer. Later on, my high school Latin teacher wanted me to carry on the profession, but I wanted (at that time) to be a psychologist.


More pertinently to this blog, at various times, I wanted to be:

A truck driver. I think that my younger brother and I (and perhaps all boys) were fascinated by the huge 18-wheeler trucks. Moreover, this was the time of C.W. McCall’s famous Convoy song and the Movin’ On television series.


Involved in shipping. Especially working in the bowels of a ship, working in places that no one else goes to. I think that I was fascinated by this prospect because of the immensity and beauty of ships.