A Young Person’s Guide to Transportation Jobs Part 10

A Young Person’s Guide to Transportation Jobs Part 10

10/13/2014 Umut Türker 2828 Times Read

As I alluded to in the section about trucking, there is a great variety of occupations related to truck driving, including that of driving a school bus. There is also a tremendous variety of occupations about a cargo ship.


These can be divided into four categories. The first is that of the senior personnel and comprises the captain (of course), the chief engineer and the maritime pilot.


The second and later categories can be further divided. The second category is that of the deck department and consists of both licensed and unlicensed personnel. The licensed personnel includes the chief, second and third mate. The unlicensed personnel include able seaman, boatswain, carpenter, deck cadet and ordinary seaman.


The third is that of the engine department. Licensed people would be the 1st, 2nd and 3rd assistant. Unlicensed people would be the electrician, engine cadet, oiler, pumpman, QMED (qualified member of the engine department, which can include the fireman or watertender, oiler, deck and junior engineers, electrician, pumpman and the refrigeration engineer) and the wiper.


The fourth category is that of stewards department. The licensed person is the purser. The unlicensed personnel would be the chief cook, chief steward and the steward’s assistant.


Of course, depending upon the size of the ship, not all of these positions may be available.


Ship’s Chief Engineer


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Of course, being a captain of a ship is an admirable and respectable thing, and is something that people ought to aspire to being, or at least considering. The captain is in charge of not only the ship but also the crew, and everything aboard it.


However, if you want to be on the ship because you love ships, then it may be best to be a part of it, to be inside it.