A Young Person’s Guide to Transportation Jobs Part 13

A Young Person’s Guide to Transportation Jobs Part 13

10/16/2014 Umut Türker 4581 Times Read

Air Cargo


My desire for working in the air sector was fleeting, and I did not (and have not since) look into it deeply. However, a career in this does avoid a possible objection of transporting goods by truck/lorry or ship. In these last two, it can take many days of travelling to get to the destination. If you are an air cargo pilot or personnel (and I shall discuss other career options below) then it should not take not more than one day, even if you travel to the other side of the globe. Moreover--and unlike shipping, in which you have an extremely brief period of time before turning around--you have a leisurely stay in your new location because of mandatory rest periods and because the plane needs to be refueled and prepared for the flight back. Thus, you have a greater opportunity to explore new places, and to do this at a more leisurely place.


Moreover--and as with careers in trucking and shipping (but which were not discussed in the sections above)--there are other career options. In trucking and shipping, there are careers that do not require you to be with the cargo from the beginning to the end (although there can be a romance attached to having a position responsible for its beginning and its destination). Similarly, in air cargo, you can have a job at one location and simply assist in the transportation of the cargo, and ensure that it is done correctly. In such positions, workers prepare the shipments of freight for delivery aboard the jets (either passenger or dedicated cargo), and are responsible for the security of the cargo coming from overseas.

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In the section on truck driving, I provided a complete and detailed description of the importance and relevance of education.