A Young Person’s Guide to Transportation Jobs Part 16

A Young Person’s Guide to Transportation Jobs Part 16

10/19/2014 Umut Türker 4805 Times Read

The life of a typical worker in this position is to begin the morning (in this specific case; in others, it would simply be at the start of your shift, whatever time that would be and on whatever day that would be) by attending a conference with the Lead Station Attendant. This person would inform the Station Attendant of the specific duties required during the working hours. As alluded to earlier, the ensuring of a safe and on-time departure of airport is one of the duties of paramount importance.


While in the Baggage Area, he would be loading or opening containers of luggage or cargo. He would have to make certain that each and every item went to its proper destination. Much of this would be done with the use of machinery or vehicles. Sometimes, however, it would mean getting into the cargo hold physically, and manually moving or removing the cargo or luggage. Hence, the need to lift large amounts of weight.


A personal focus on the matter at hand and realizing that it can be crucial to on-time and safe departures, and an ability to work as a team with not only your colleagues but also other departments is important to see that the job gets done efficiently and effectively.


It is very possible to become promoted from Station Attendant to Lead Station Attendant and then to Performance Lead Station Attendant.


Railway Freight


Young people are always attracted to the fame (such as being famous sportsmen, athletes or actors) or romance (such as helping people by being a doctor) of careers. Working on the railways is perhaps one of the most romantic of careers and, I think, the most romantic of the fields mentioned in this blog post.

We make international freight easier


There is romance in the vehicle itself.