A Young Person’s Guide to Transportation Jobs, Part 2

A Young Person’s Guide to Transportation Jobs, Part 2

9/22/2014 Umut Türker 2768 Times Read

This was also the time of the show Love Boat, although that did not influence me much, other than (perhaps) wanting to be a passenger on a cruise ship.


In or around airplanes. Even at a relatively young age, I decided that I would not learn to drive a vehicle. Yet, I actually did apply to work at the local (small) airport one summer. I was not sure about learning to actually fly the plane, but I knew that I wanted to be around planes and to help in transportation.


On or around trains. While I was growing up in a small (at that time) community, there was a train station. Sometimes, late at night, if everything else was quiet and if I listened intently, I could clearly hear the train whistle, even though the station was more than a mile away (about two kilometers). Where it went to and how far, I never knew. I am certain that it was not a passenger train though.


As we adults now know, there is a lot more involved in these professions. For example, a young child might enjoy going to the local corporate supermarket and admire the positions of cashier, clerk, stock-boy or other job. But we adults know that there are middle-managers, executives, accountants, human resources personnel, marketing people and others involved in that supermarket. However, I am going to describe the positions in the professions that keep the magic of the profession alive, especially to young people.



For a young person, the first and foremost thing is education. Even if you do not have an education, you must get an education. There was a time when you did not know how to tie your own shoelaces; now you do.