All you need to know about Air Freight Forwarder

All you need to know about Air Freight Forwarder

7/12/2014 Umut Türker 2152 Times Read

This post gave a concise, astute and helpful definition to the question of "What is the Meaning of Air Freight Forwarder?" In this post, I hope to elaborate on that, give some examples and provide good advice.

A good comparison or analogy would be mail forwarding. This was popular when snail-mail was common, up until about 20 years ago. Now, related services are virtual offices or serviced offices. Regardless, mail forwarding was helpful when you wanted to get mail from Point A to Point B. It was helpful in receiving (and sending) mail not only within a country but also internationally. If the sender requires you to receive mail in the sender's country, but you live in another country, then you could have the mail sent to a mail forwarding service in the sender's country, who will then forward the mail to your international address. If you wanted to receive mail on a weekly, monthly, or other basis then you could provide the senders the address of the mail forwarder, who will then forward the mail to you at the desired times. If you wanted to send mail, but the recipient moves frequently, then you can send the mail to an agreed-upon mail forwarder, who will then send it where and when of the choice of the recipient. If you wanted to send mail internationally, but your country imposes onerous costs and/or burdens on your doing so, then you could send the mail to a domestic mail forwarding service, who will then forward the mail internationally, cost-effectively and more easily than you could do.


As an importer, exporter or transporter, you are already doing much of this. You are already receiving or sending things, often with complex terms and conditions. What you need is a mail forwarding company or, more accurately and pertinently, an air freight forwarding service. You could go to Google or Google+ to search for "freight forwarding services" but you would be inundated and overwhelmed with choices. What you really need is a "freight broker"


We make international freight easier is such a broker.  Contact them to find out how you can receive and send your mail--I mean freight--more cost-effectively and easily than you could do it yourself.