Chinese Railways, Why? Part 4 of 9

Chinese Railways, Why? Part 4 of 9

9/15/2014 Umut Türker 2164 Times Read

Will they do this?


Much of this question is similar to “Why will they do this?” There are some specific points that I want to raise in addressing this latter question, so here I just want to raise some general social and economic issues.


The first linked article does indicate that there are no Chinese railway experts who are supporting this. However, I am sure that if the Chinese Premier told them to support it then they would.


I have often thought (and there is some truth to this as I have seen a lot of sources verifying it) that the 19th century belonged to the British, the 20th century belonged to the Americans, and that the 21st century will belong to the Asians (primarily Chinese).


I do not want to go into a discussion of the veracity of this partly because it has been discussed many other places, partly because I do not have any special academic prowess in this regard, and primarily because it is slightly irrelevant and will detract from the focus of these blog posts.


However, I will make a, perhaps unique, observation that, currently, the United States is using its military to prop up its economy whereas China is using its economy to support its economy. The former is bound to lead to stagnation and perhaps collapse, while the latter is a sign of growth.


It is in this milieu that the Chinese may decide to attempt this. However, I think that they would be setting themselves up for failure; I think that it is far too ambitious.


As I mentioned above, it could take 24 years for them to create the tunnel necessary through the Bering Strait.