Chinese Railways, Why? Part 5 of 9

Chinese Railways, Why? Part 5 of 9

9/16/2014 Umut Türker 1906 Times Read

Of course, they should, can and will be working on other aspects during this time. The route is apparently 13,000 kilometers (almost 8,100 miles).


But wait! That is not the amount of track that they have to lay. Just as a one-lane road cannot have cars coming from both directions, so too will the railway need to have another direction, another railway track and another 13,000 kilometers, for a total of 26,000 kilometers (or about 16,150 miles)! In other words, they will need to lay more than 1,000 kilometers of track each and every year, or 3 kilometers of track each day in order to complete it within 24 years.


If they lay a third of this, or one kilometer (or 0.62 miles) each day, then the project will take three times as long, or 72 years! This time frame consists of far too many variables for them to adequately be considered. There are far too many events that could negate the worth of this project. 72 years from now, some people  may invent cargo that will fly themselves, obviating not just railway cargo, but also that of trucks/lorries, planes and ships for that purpose.


Moreover, the Chinese will have to not just lay this entire track but also create it. They will have to create more than 1,000 kilometers of steel tracks, railroad ties (or cross ties), stones and the other things that make up railroad tracks each and every year. The Chinese are known for manufacturing, but I think that they are setting themselves up for failure if they try this. Of course, and again, they are not required to do this but any less than this will make the project even more lengthy than its already long 24-year projection.