Choosing the Right Mode of Transport!

Choosing the Right Mode of Transport!

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Choosing the right mode of transport for the business is a very crucial step for every small and medium sized industry as the difference between costs associated between them can be considerable and the definition of the “correct” choice depends on the requirement, time frame, and load of the cargo.

The three modes of transport are as follows:

Carried out primarily by the industry of merchant shipping, this mode of transport deals with 90 percent of the world’s international trade. All kind of articles, cargo and raw materials are transported using the sea. The process of containerization has made this mode a very economic and efficient option for any kind of cargo as shipping agencies may rent space inside definite volume containers according to the need. This ensure highly packed and efficient usage of the available resource. Sea transport should be avoided when time is the most important factor as the sea can be unpredictable.

Land shipping is inevitably always involved in every trade as within the landmass is always done using the land transport, at least after a certain stage and hence the most common mode of transportation. Trains, trucks and other vehicles are used to transport cargo from one point to other. It’s the cheapest mode of transport available.

In this mode of transport, aircrafts are used to deliver goods from one point to the other. Within a country, it can be used if the time schedule is tight and it’s imperative that the trade is successful within the same. It is very costly compared to land shipping and some sort of cargo cannot be transported using aircraft, especially which involve very big items like machineries.

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