Freight Broker's Business Life

Freight Broker's Business Life

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The primary concern for any enterprise big or small, is to make and deliver goods or services to its customers. Somewhere along the line there is a transfer of inventory. In the digital domain, this is as easy as attaching a file. For those in the brick and mortar world, the inventory is a physical entity.

At some point you’re handing over the possession of your goods to parties that are contracted to deliver your goods to the destination.  In the global context, only a handful of companies have a separate logistics cell to handle these transactions. Most companies due either to size, or choice use third part service providers. Freight Brokers are a part of this 3PL story. The basic needs for all shipper are constant; Security of goods, timely delivery at a competitive cost.  Enter the specialist, the Freight Broker.

Simply put, a freight broker provides a digital platform for those seeking and offering logistics capacity. On one hand it allows the shipper to collect competitive bids for his cargo, while allowing the freight agents and consolidators to sell capacity in a more planned manner.  The platform allows transactions in an open and transparent manner.  The freight broker is neither an agent nor the shipping line. At no point of time does the freight broker take possession of the goods.

Freight brokers like FreightArea provide the platform for the buyer and seller to transact business. Typically they are networked with shipping lines, freight forwarders and consolidators. These are the actual parties who handle and transport your goods. A freight broker gives you instant access to multiple shipment modes and the specialists in each.
One you select the mode of shipment (air, sea, road etc) you would need to input the basic details of your shipment. Things like cubic volume, approximate weight, destination of pick-up and delivery. The freight forwarders and shipping lines will match your requirement against their available capacity and revert with rates and delivery lead times.  The bids can then be evaluated and further negotiated allowing the shipper to work quickly towards closure.  Freight brokers save you the time and hassle of multiple communications with numerous vendors, to achieve the same thing.  It’s quick and easy.