International Trade for Small and Medium Import/Export Companies

International Trade for Small and Medium Import/Export Companies

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Small and medium businesses are the backbone of a nation’s economy. Small and medium sized companies are also responsible for a large portion of exports and incidentally, they are also responsible for using imported goods. Now for all these imports and exports to take place a reliable and cost effective freight service is an absolute necessity. This is where comes into picture. is an online freight broker which provides web based freight transportation management services to all types of businesses.

In every country there are thousands or perhaps millions of businesses that have products that are deemed exportable. But unfortunately only a small fraction of these businesses are actually able to trade internationally. The most important factor for companies failing to do business internationally is logistics. In fact, studies have indicated that a staggering 85% of small and medium businesses are unable to fulfill their international orders commitment due to poor logistics.

Companies that are successfully importing or exporting goods have either spent considerable amount of time and money on personnel as well as technology to control their logistics or they have outsourced their logistic needs to a third party provider. is your best ally when it comes to outsourcing your logistics. It helps you broker a deal with a third party logistics provider through its simple yet intuitive e-logistics system.

When it comes to international logistics it is important to set your priorities right because there is no neutral ground when it come s to logistics. Either you have to have a competent and dedicated team to handle logistics or you simply have to outsource it. Generally companies that are considerably large with virtually unlimited resources opt to handle their own logistics. Small and medium based companies are better off outsourcing their logistics through a broker like so that they can focus on their expertise.