Online Reporting of Shipments

Online Reporting of Shipments

7/13/2014 Umut Türker 1620 Times Read

Online reporting has changed the way a logistics industry functions. Bills of lading, proof of delivery, remittance advices, freight invoices and shipment notification are now done using web based applications. Information between the shipper, consignee and the third party logistics company is done electronically. This advancement in technology has led to reduced processing time and most of all it has reduced cost. a pioneer in the logistics brokering field has come up with many innovative ideas to help you find a cost effective logistics company. Online reporting is a web based application that allows you to monitor the different business activities you have with Online reporting of shipments allows you to track the details of your past, current or future shipments. specializes in providing an online platform for both buyers as well as sellers of logistics services. In an organized and efficient manner it helps manage logistics for all kinds of business. The platform is completely internet based and hence the complete process is both time and cost effective. Since all the transactions happen on a web based application, it is easy to track your shipment accurately.


With international shipments the time zone in which the shipment originated and the time zone in which the shipment reached its final destination may vary drastically. Hence to keep track of shipments online reporting is very helpful. Online reporting is not limited to tracking shipments alone but it also helps in scheduling, cancelling or in making any other changes with regards to your shipment.


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The advantage of online reporting is that you can get accurate and timely decisions. The fact that it also reduces expenses is icing on the cake. With online reporting you can download data 24/7 and the sharing of data also becomes less cumbersome.