Rail Transport Through FreightArea.com

Rail Transport Through FreightArea.com

8/27/2014 Umut Türker 1901 Times Read

You already need to import, export and transport goods.


You already need to make sure that your employees are healthy and productive. Companies can do this by providing health plans. They could accomplish this by creating their own insurance policies, hiring their own doctors, or even buying or creating their own hospitals. However, no company does this because they are aware of the benefits of outsourcing functions that can be done more efficiently, expertly and cost-effectively by others.


Handling the logistics of transportation is such a function. FreightArea.com is a resource for ensuring that.


FreightArea.com is located in Turkey, the epicenter of Europe, the Middle East and Asia, the largest land mass on Earth. Turkey is the 37th-largest country in the world in size, but boasts of the 22nd-largest railway system. It has connections to Greece, Bulgaria, Armenia, Iran, Iraq and through them, to the rest of Europe and Asia, including the CIS countries (Commonwealth of Independent States—consisting of the countries from the former Soviet Union).


2.1 million tons of rail freight was transported in 2012 from Turkey to international locations. The railway system is planning to add another 2,500 miles (4,000 kilometers) for freight traffic by the year 2023. It will then have a new connection to Georgia.


We make international freight easier

From this, you now know that Turkey fulfills the mantra of every real estate agent: Location, location, location. You now know that Turkey is a large and growing country showing tremendous growth in its infrastructure. You should also realize that you ought to ship from there. You may decide to have your company do this. However, what I have not yet said is that because it can assist you in your import, export, transportation needs there are considerations of different rail gauges, freightage and other requirements.


Therefore, outsource your needs. FreightArea.com can do this more efficiently, expertly and cost-effectively for you.