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The Philippines is a somewhat small country; its total land area (excluding coastal waters) is about that of the state of Arizona, and makes it the 73rd-largest country in the world. Its population, however, is almost 100 million people, making it the 12th-largest country in terms of population. It is an increasingly modern country with a rapidly expanding infrastructure. In the city of Cebu, you can see high-rises and other buildings being constructed everywhere, with an enormous need for steel and concrete.


How does it accomplish this? It is possible that it is self-sufficient and has all the resources it needs. On the other hand… maybe not. There are 24 car-manufacturing companies in the Philippines, almost all of which are headquartered in East Asia (China, Japan and South Korea) and in the United States. The sole exception is that of Francisco Motors, the manufacturer of the ubiquitous Jeepney. Even if the Philippines were self-sufficient, it is a country of over 7000 islands so it would still have to ship everything from one place to another.

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