Shipper versus Freight Forwarder Pt 1 of 2

Shipper versus Freight Forwarder Pt 1 of 2

8/30/2014 Umut Türker 2288 Times Read

“When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight”.


This was the well-known slogan of an American courier services company a few years ago. If you did indeed need to have it received overnight, and if you trusted that the slogan was accurate, then you might want to enlist their courier or shipping services.


However, things could still go awry, especially if the item(s) is(are) going to another country. There could be troubles with Customs or other government agencies. I once had a small gift shipped to someone in the Philippines. It was then held by the postal service there because they wanted a large fee—a VAT, or Value Added Tax, if I remember correctly. However, the fee was almost as much as the value of the gift itself. I think that I ended up having the item returned, and the cost reimbursed to me. I also had something shipped to India. The item was received in the five business days, as promised, but where it went was anybody’s guess. The recipient went from pillar to post for a few weeks, but eventually it was delivered. Both of these instances were unexpected and disconcerting to say the least, and show the vagaries of dealing with a shipper.


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Another common rationale is that you want to hire someone local. You could search for “Shippers” at San Francisco, CA, United States (or your specific location) at the “Local” tab of Google Plus and find many companies, many of which are rated and reviewed by users so that you can make an informed decision. Similarly, if your company exports goods and if your company has a shipper on its corporate board then chances are good that your company will enlist his or her services for export. There is probably nothing intrinsically bad about this, but this could be dealt with in a better way.