Shipper versus Freight-Forwarder Pt 2 of 2

Shipper versus Freight-Forwarder Pt 2 of 2

8/31/2014 Umut Türker 2159 Times Read

A common-sense reason for not using a freight-forwarder is that you would then pay for not only the freight-forwarder but also the shipper. A similar situation is when you buy groceries at WalMart. When you buy them, you are paying not only Walmart but also the farmers. If you bought directly from the farmers then you would pay only the farmers, not Walmart.


However, when Walmart buys things from farmers they educate them; they give them the resources to improve their livestock, their vegetable, fruit or grains yield; they help improve their output. They help increase their efficiency. They cause them to be even more cost-effective.


If you bought a banana directly from a farmer then you might pay 20 cents. Walmart might buy a banana for 8 cents. Even if they sold it for double the price (and pocketed 8 cents in profit) then they are still selling it for less than you paid for the banana. Walmart could be thought of as being a freight forwarder in the retail business.


A freight forwarder in the import-export-transportation-warehousing business does similar things. Among any other activities and responsibilities, a freight forwarder negotiates contracts, handling and transportation costs; work closely with buyers, sellers and colleagues to create optimum conditions; keeps up-to-date on rules, regulations, legislation and procedures to ensure proper operations until final delivery; and uses the latest in technology and services to keep track of the goods and to verify that proper procedures are followed.


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In other words, a freight forwarder creates efficiencies. He will find a shipper that will deliver quickly, if that is a significant and important consideration. He will avoid the costs and delays that could be unexpected and disconcerting otherwise. He may find a shipper that is local to you, although you are probably already aware that, in this global economy, this should not be a significant factor. More importantly, he can do this very cost-effectively.


Now, all you need to do is find a freight-forwarder. Contact and the best one for your needs will be arranged.