What is Logistics? Pt 3 of 3

What is Logistics? Pt 3 of 3

9/7/2014 Umut Türker 1968 Times Read

Distribution logistics is primarily focused on getting finished products, semi-finished products, and merchandise or replacement parts from the sales warehouse (seller) to the distribution warehouse (buyer).  Depending on the distance or other factors this would be done by using airplanes, ships, trains and/or trucks. No matter how they are being transported, the things being shipped (known as cargo or freight) are organized into various categories

The type of item being shipped, whether it is a household good, express letter or package, parcel (boxed), or freight shipment.


The size of the shipment: A roll of toilet paper may be very small, but if you are shipping 10,000 rolls of it then that would be a large number. Conversely, if you are shipping one elephant then that would be large in size, but small in number. How long the item for delivery will be in transit: You would think that airplanes would offer the quickest transit (and they often do) but since the warehouses are not at the airports then you have to consider the time involved in getting the freight there (usually by truck).

If you are still scared or unsure of the word "logistics" then you should be relieved to know that many colleges offer courses in logistics and that there are many directly-related jobs such as Logisticians, Logistics Analysts, Logistic Managers, Storage and Distribution Managers and Transportation Managers. Additionally there are the related fields of sales and service (such as Cargo and Freight Agents); transportation operations (such as Commercial Drivers, Commercial Pilots, and Crane and Tower Operators); transportation systems management and regulation (such as Customs Brokers); and warehousing and distribution center operations (such as Packers; Shipping, Receiving and Traffic Clerks; and Storage and Distribution Managers).

I hope now that "logistics" is not a scary word for you, but regardless of any feelings, contact FreightArea.com and tell them of your needs and they will provide you a delightful solution. 

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