What is Stowage? Pt 2 of 4

What is Stowage? Pt 2 of 4

9/9/2014 Umut Türker 2749 Times Read

If the products are fungible (similar), like a container of coal or a container of wheat then everything is simplified. You would simply dump all of the coal or wheat into the container. If the products were dissimilar in type, shape or amount (for example, coal and milk) then 1) You would probably not want to put them into the same container as they have different packing requirements; milk needs to be refrigerated while coal does not; and 2) Even if you do decide to pack them together then you would need to determine how to best pack them based on space and weight requirements.


Airplanes use similar containers although, for flight, they are not as heavy or massive. However, passenger planes usually do not transport coal, wheat or milk. They are more often concerned about passengers' baggage. I have been told that in India, there are just three sizes of suitcases. If that is true then that makes the stowage of them more effective in transporting them within and from India. However, from what I have seen and learned worldwide is that baggage handlers throw the suitcases willy-nilly into a container. I suppose that they, like the inefficient grocery clerk, are not paid or trained well enough to know about the efficiencies of proper stowage.


Cargo planes are more concerned but they are also more specialized so things are more streamlined, efficient and effective. Generally, cargo planes would not transport cars and wheat. They are more likely to transport cars or wheat.

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If the problems are solved on the small or local level then the concerns will be minimized on the larger scale. If you had a container full of grocery shopping bags and if each bag used proper stowage then that would be good for each bag. However, if you placed all the heavy bags at the back of the container and all the light ones at the front of the container then problems could arise in transporting and storing the container. If each container were packed efficiently then that would be one less concern.