What is Stowage? Pt 3 of 4

What is Stowage? Pt 3 of 4

9/10/2014 Umut Türker 2714 Times Read

However, that does not prevent other concerns from arising when there are many containers, such as at a warehouse, port or cargo ship. Warehouses often use crates, cardboard boxes or barrels--rather than the standard containers--but that does not prevent similar concerns. These containers are strong enough to be stacked on top of each other but if they are poorly packed or if the upper containers are heavier then they can crush the lower and lighter ones.


People who want to form human pyramids know that the heaviest participants should never be at the top. Moreover, there is an upper limit to their strength. Even the containers used in trucks, trains and ships cannot be stacked more than twelve-high.
The crates, boxes and barrels are usually of uniform size but even then, there are concerns about placement of them. There are concerns about retrieving them at the proper date and time. The warehouse personnel need to make sure that there is enough space for not only them but also for reaching them (with the forklift or other machinery).


Similar, and more, concerns and potential problems can arise on cargo ships. If the ship had containers of gold bars on the port (left-hand) side and containers of wheat on the star-board (right-hand) side then it could very well capsize. Even if the weight were evenly distributed then the extreme weight of the gold (or anything similarly heavy) would cause concerns about fuel, speed and timing.

In addition to everything mentioned above, the following are other concerns for stowage:


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Movement:  Do not assume that heavy things will remain stationary. I remember working for a bank when the Loma Prieta (in the San Francisco Bay Area) struck in 1989. The next morning, we made a better assessment of the damage and saw that the massive and extremely heavy safe deposit boxes had moved from their support.


Prevent movement:  Use anti-slip mats or other materials to prevent slippage. If one metal container on top of another moved then it could very well cause scrapes.