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Chinese Railways, Why? Part 9 of 9

Moreover, the world is becoming a somewhat scary place. Ships have been hijacked by pirates, and a Malaysian airline has inexplicably disappeared and another one was shot down. The Bangkok Airport was shut down for several days several years ago, as with rising tensions, protests and terrorism, more airports could be blocked in the future. Of course, these few incidents are statistically nothing, but they still ought to be factors in long-term planning. The alternative, trucks, is not efficient in terms of cost and time over very long distances. 



Chinese Railways, Why? Part 8 of 9

 The bottom of the first linked article provides these potential, and other, options. One option is through several of the ASEAN nations (again, a very significant trading partner of China), taking a seemingly twisted or zigzagging journey through Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and ending up in Singapore.

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