About FreightArea.com

FreightArea.com is the leading on-line Freight Broker in the World!

FreightArea.com sees itself as a service provider to the freight industry. We don’t ship anything, we don’t carry any goods. We just GUIDE freight buyers to right logistics companies!

FreightArea.com is a leading provider of web-based freight transportation management services to businesses of all kinds. We created very complicated algorithm to provide you world’s simpliest and user friendly e-logistics system.

FreightArea.com Freight Exchange makes freight shipping easy with instant freight quotes from thousands of carriers but classified in related countries/cities/ports. FreightArea.com Freight Exchange provides shippers with tools that make freight transportation management faster, simpler, and more cost efficient. To accomplish our strategy, we focus on delivering innovative technology connected to outstanding Freight Brokers staffed with the best people — people with experience, energy, insight and a fervent customer service mentality.

By carefully selecting, and constantly evaluating, FreightArea.com e-logistic network best able to solve complex and difficult logistic problems for you, we are able to offer the highest standards of performance and reliability. All the companies, authorized as VIP by FreightArea.com, have proven their professionalism, cost-effectiveness, and reliability through years of successful operation in the global shipping marketplace. This model has provided FreightArea.com with incredible growth throughout our history, and we remain committed to our philosophy as we look to the future.

We present you with a network of companies involved in shipping and freight forwarding to all countries of the world. We can accommodate your needs to transport virtually anything, including: vehicles (cars, trucks, motorcycles), watercraft and boats, heavy machinery and equipment, dangerous goods, or household items. We can accommodate full container loads (FCL) or smaller shipments (LCL), as well as break bulk, liquid or project loads. Thanks to our system of quick quotations, you can easily obtain a reasonable price for the type of shipment you are interested in. Rates on FreightArea.com are always provided by the leading companies in the freight forwarding market. FreightArea.com operates globally, through our partnerships with local service providers covering America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Australia.

FreightArea.com lets transport companies always stay in touch with their customers. Through the help of FreightArea.com, these companies can quickly disseminate information among people who are interested in transport and related services, collect data concerning the market on a real time basis as well as establish relationship with new customers, partners and carriers. FreightArea.com offers a rather easy way for transport companies to attract target auditoria for the services proposed, to promote its brand and customer relationship management up to direct sales.

FreightArea.com gives you an opportunity to find a partner in any place of the world as well as:

1. To improve international competitive advantages for your company
2. To attract new partners
3. To avail of an opportunity for coming into the international market
4. To increase profit on account of new partners on other markets
5. Essentially save your time using a powerful messaging system
6. Prompt promotion of your brand
7. An opportunity to reduce costs for business dealing
8. To reduce a safety interval for rates
9. Help you to search for target customers among consignors

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have : [email protected]

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