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Frequently Asked Questions

How to calculate shipping costs between two ports?
Please send your request for the calculation of shipping costs. To do this you need to click the link below and to answer questions which are necessary for calculating shipping costs. It is important to provide as much information as you can so that to calculate an accurate rate without additional adjustments.

Shall I specify contact information?
Shipping companies are interested in dealing with real clients. And such an approach is justified because nobody needs to spend time for anonymous users. Your contact details are available only for authorized users. If you need to remain as an incognito then it is prohibited to file a request on the shipping exchange. In this case you shall contact our operator who will keep absolute confidentiality your personal data as well as data about your company: [email protected]

How can I earn brokerage fees on shipping operations?
If you need earn a commissioning fee from user which you add to our system, you have to contact to our operators. Provided that you may not disclose your personal data and neither about your company until the tariff provided is completely convenient to you.

Do you provide customs clearance services?
We cooperate with customs brokers throughout the world and have a great experience in services provided by other companies. In CIS countries as well as in the Middle East countries certain customs rules are implemented which significantly influence final costs of goods imported. We recommend preliminarily closing out these issues as of the date of dispatch. To calculate customs clearance fees, you need to send your tender ID number, packing list and other shipment documents to e-mail: [email protected] or you can directly contact to your tender winner through FreightArea.com messaging system or by their contact details which will be shared with you after tender closing date.

Who can I announce a market rate?
Market rates can be announced by any companies which have contractual arrangements with relevant shipping lines.

How to determine a location of the container?
If you dispatch cargoes through www.FreightArea.com , you can use a Container Tracking System at no charges. For free users please click the link: www.FreightArea.com

How to know transit time for the shipping line?
Transit time is time spent for shipping cargoes between two terminal ports or locations depends on departure and arrival point categories. This time includes moving time by sea and time spent at transshipment ports. Generally moving time is specified on web sites or in documents issued by shipping lines. Actual transit time may be significantly differed from time declared and subjects can be occurred on account of the non-fulfillment of terms of delivery specified in the contract.

Which container lines are served by the cities, for instance, Ports in Port Said?
Click the and enter corresponding ports of loading or ports of unloading. Remember that in the list sea ports are identified at which container terminals are located. As a side note, we recommend to double check with shipping lines before making a certain decision.

What advantages do you have from the participation on the shipping exchange?
All individual companies their own succesful routes. When Company A provides best rate or delivery time from location 1 to 3, Company B can provide better rate or delivery time from location 2 to 3.
FreightArea.com allows you to receive information regarding the freight rate level in various areas and provides opportunities to reach to best offers.

If you have any questions you can contact us : [email protected]